my name's Tyvon. i am a game developer/professional pixel artist.

i am also an ambient musician.

just trying to get ahead in life, just like everyone else.


i took this picture mostly because i really like how great my new pants look on me. it’s no big deal w/e.

i took this picture mostly because i really like how great my new pants look on me. it’s no big deal w/e.

wow i literally never update this thing

i was gonna attempt a live blog thing but my life is way too hectic for a live blog.

so i’d say just follow my main account if you’re looking to actually see some sort of content. two of the three games i’m developing are coming close to being in a presentable alpha form and i’m excited to show it off soon.

i’ll still use this blog for silly shit though i guess 



DIGITAL HAVEN ENTERTAINMENT is a new phase of development of the former PixelxCore Independent Gaming. it is the new step for the group as a developer, as a concept, and as a community, and this will be the year we truly get out there and make ourselves known.

as DHE, we will be marketing Navigator once it has reached completion, and we are currently working on three games at the moment, part of what I’ve dubbed the Triple Riot Project.

Triple Riot is a game development project in which I take three simple game concepts and expand them into full games. All three games are generally developed side-by-side, and all 3 fit a different genre.

The first game is Steel Demonizer, a side-scrolling 2D action game. The game possesses a fair amount of platformer elements as well. The player can perform devastating combos on enemies and sometimes use the environment to their advantage. By sacrificing energy from a special power bar, the player can activate a super mode that gives them invincibility and dodge cancelling abilities. helping me out with artwork for the game is The Man Himself, Greg Goodson ( 

The second game is GEARBEASTS, a mech-inspired horizontal shooting game. You take control of Sin, a powerful “Gearbeast,” and travel planet GAMMA-152 defending yourself from military forces. It borrows a few elements from the vaporware PxC project Starkrieg: Planetary Defenders. GEARBEASTS has been in development since June 30, 2012, and the game is already beginning to reach a finely-tuned, playable state.

The third game is Cyber Hunter: Garrett, a futuristic-style action-strategy/RPG game. There is not a whole lot of info on this game yet, except that it will feature a combat system that functions similarly to the Mega Man Battle Network series.

While Cyber Hunter: Garrett is still in its early stages, Steel Demonizer and GEARBEASTS have both reached their pre-alpha stages. development for these projects has been going great and i’m really looking forward to everyone seeing what we’ve got!

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week one - 6-20 / 6-25

so, five days isn’t exactly a week, but i figured mondays would probably the best days to start this off.

looooootta progress been getting done the last five days. it’s actually kinda overwhelming.

i started a new project on the wednesday that i entered my “hibernation” phase, called Steel Demonizer. it’s an action-platformer that i’ve been getting a lot of ideas for from Devil May Cry 4 (which i’ve been playing a lot recently— it’s really not that bad of a game, and it is very impressive in a lot of aspects), and in the last five days of development, the project has entered pre-alpha.

i think i’m going to initially design the game with replayability in mind, and then if the game is well-recepted, i can start work on a bigger version perhaps? we’ll have to see.

as for non-personal work, i’ve been looking around lately. i’ve applied to a few jobs but haven’t gotten any responses from any yet. i’ve got plenty of time though, i’m not worried. it’s only almost july, that’s a solid five more months!

my current job (Defender’s Quest Gold) is going fine. we’re working on enemies now and it’s been a lot more enjoyable so far (probably because i only have to do side-facing actions, and i looooveworking on sidescroller sprites), which means i’ve been getting a lot of stuff done.

i actually have a pretty decent payday coming my way tomorrow, so i’m pretty excited. i’ll probably end up dumping most of it into rent, but that will give me a solid 2-3 paydays in which i won’t have to spend any of my money except on food, meaning that hopefully most of it will either A) go to savings, or B) go towards a piece of hardware that i need before my move.

i haven’t been able to work on chaotic tides recently, unfortunately, but i think it’ll benefit from a little more gentle touch from yours truly. some songs have already been rewritten and go in much different directions than the preview demo on soundcloud/bandcamp.

i’m also going to be writing some new “for fun” material soon, as well as writing some music for Steel Demonizer. 


 it’s been a good start to my grind sessions. lots of productivity in almost every aspect. my mood has been elevated recently and i’m looking forward to seeing what i do next.

see you next week. 

maybe it’s just the tree, but i seriously can’t get over this song or album. i never knew this stuff existed until just recently (it’s older Canvas Solaris—newer stuff has a much different feel to it) and it is blowing me away how good it is.

it’s giving me a lot of ideas for songs too. this band has just been driving me forward for the last day. 

(Source: Spotify)

the chase has begun.

i’ll be seeing you in a few months, san francisco.

0 6 . 1 6 . 2 0 1 2 — d e v e l o p i n g t h y s e l f

now that i’ve finally decided my goal for next year, it’s gonna be a fun six-month ride getting there.


in case you haven’t talked to me personally recently or heard me talk about it— i am currently planning out a move out of las vegas. my current destination as of this date is san francisco, california.


aside from the fact that it’s a completely new location (i’ve been living in vegas for upwards of the last 10+ years— wow), san francisco (and really, the CA area in general) is home to a ton of game developers— both indie and commercial divisions.

for the last few months, i have been having major scheduling issues, and it has caused me to fall behind on a lot of my work. this is not okay. i cannot keep letting my “social” life get in the way of my Real Life, because ultimately, what really matters to me the most is what i do, because i am the only one who can choose what i do with the life i have left.

through linkedin, i have already found tons of potential jobs in SF, and if i managed to land a Real Game Development Job where i legitimately sit in an office with other developers and discuss how we’re going to bring out project to fruition, it would not only give me a schedule where i would have my stuff to work on and their stuff to work on, but it would also give me stability; 

no more sitting around on my ass wondering “when is this payment going to clear?” or “what if they aren’t here to pay me and i really need the money?”

everything would be stable and organized.


two possible outcomes— either the end of 2012, or the beginning of 2013. but i will be fully moved and settled in by January 2013 at the latest.


now, this is the hardest part. while it ultimately comes up to how good i do with my money-saving, there is also an element in which i need to get my life in order.

in order to do this, i will be slowly fazing out elements of my social presence online, and working on increasing my business presence online.

  1. i will be leaving most of the skype chats i am currently in. i love everyone that i talk to in them, but the chats really are a huge distraction to me. i often get more distracted talking on skype than i do watching videos or playing video games, and next thing i know, i just lost like three hours of work. it’s bad, and if it keeps up, i’m not going to meet my goal.
  2. i will also be logging into skype much less frequently, for the same reasons mentioned above. i will be instead logging into my business skype account, which is clients only. i will still be logging into skype though. i will just not be online as often, and as a result, i may be harder to get in contact with.
  3. i will still be using this tumblr account to keep up with you guys. i might post on it a little more as well.
  4. i will still be using my twitter accounts (@a6_Productions and @_solarinception).
  5. i will still be logged into msn when i can, as i still have a few collaborators on there, as well as friends. feel free to add me there if you haven’t already, but again— don’t be surprised if i’m not responsive, please. i’m not ignoring you on purpose— i just have my focus in order.
  6. i will be using my facebook significantlyless. much like skype chats, fb is a big source of distraction, shockingly more than twitter (which is funny, since i like twitter more and you’d think it’d be more distracting, right?)
  7. i will be a little more focused towards the development of PxC, and as a result, may be over there working harder on stuff in the works.

despite how much the idea of “leaving” all of my friends upsets me, this is really something that i have to do. over the last eight months i’ve come to realize that las vegas really is not the place for me, and if i want to grow as a professional andas a person, i absolutely need to do this.

i absolutely hope that my friends understand that this is somethin that i absolutely have to do for myself. there is no more “putting it on hold”— this is going to happen, and it’s going to happen right.

i will be starting the “operation” onwednesday, june 20, 2012. 

chaotic tides

writing music has been very therapeutic for me ever since i started the solar inception project a week ago. there’s something about composing that is strangely relaxing. finding the right place to put this note, in the right length, deciding how to mix a certain element of the song… it’s been a great source of revitalization for me the last few days.

i started writing the chaotic tides ep yesterday.

for the last month i’ve been struggling to do my work properly and on-time. i feel the songs i have written (and am writing) are expressing the emotions i have felt being under the pressure of rent payment, deadlines for work, programmers that have gone missing, and other bullshit that decides to pop up when it wants to.

in a sense, the chaotic tides ep is a reflection of stress and relief itself. the name “chaotic tides” is exactly what we experience when we are under stress— it’s like a bunch of waves crashing into you and throwing your brain in tons of different directions.

i’ve posted 2 songs from the ep so far but they’re definitely not final products until i have the whole album written. i have some further mastering that i’d like to do on the songs.

but until i release the full ep versions, you can download and listen to the songs for free on soundcloud.

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"waves of malice"

part of my new ep, “chaotic tides.” i’m still writing the rest of the album.